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Jamie Hedlund

Vice President, ICANN

Jamie joined ICANN three years ago and is the head of its Washington, DC office. As VP for North America, he is responsible for ICANN's engagement with its stakeholders in the region, including governments, private sector, technical community, and public interest organizations.

Before joining ICANN, Jamie served as Vice President, Regulatory Affairs for the Consumer Electronics Association. From 2005-2008, he led Yahoo! Inc.'s public policy efforts in Washington, DC, on media and technology issues. He spent four years working at Level 3 Communications, a Tier 1 Internet provider, where he negotiated complex, multimillion-dollar transactions with large purchasers of bandwidth services and was chief of staff to the head of the EU business unit. He became a telecommunications regulatory attorney following a three-year stint at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Jamie has lived and worked in Europe and Latin America and speaks French and Spanish.


Biography last updated January 24, 2013