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Michael Warren

President, fiducianet

Mike Warren brings more than 34 years of electronic surveillance expertise to fiducianet. He retired after 29 years as a special agent and senior executive of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in September 2000, and since that time has been a consultant to the Telecommunications Industry on matters relating to the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act ("CALEA") and electronic surveillance law and policy.

As the former chief of the FBI's CALEA Implementation Section, Mr. Warren identified the agency's law enforcement priorities for implementing CALEA. He developed the FBI's initiative for deferred deployment of CALEA technical capability (the Flexible Deployment Program) and directed negotiations with telecommunications carriers and equipment manufacturers to contain costs by developing nationwide Right-to-Use (RTU) license agreements for CALEA compliant software. The success of Mr. Warren's strategies won him the Attorney General's year 2000 Award for Excellence in Management.

Mr. Warren formed fiducianet in January 2002, to provide telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers and cable operators an end-to-end solution for meeting law enforcements' demands for the production of their customer's records and lawful communications interception. Today's business environment demands innovative and cost effective solutions. Outsourcing these non-core, non-revenue generating functions to fiducianet presents the opportunity to leverage the best people, processes and technology, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced legal risk and lower costs.


Biography last updated May 19, 2004