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Constituent Education Workshop Series: Computer Security
October 23, 2003

Overview | Video | Toolkit

The Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission, hosted its first event in the Constituent Education Workshop Series. October 26, 2003, was Cyber Security Day and all Americans were asked to secure their computers and networks. At this event leaders in computer security and a panel of experts provided resources to reach out and educate constituents on computer security. At the workshop experts in constituent services and in computer security discussed ways to contact constituents through mailings, newsletters, press releases, Web site information and town hall meetings.

FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle discussed the importance of creating a "culture of security" among constituents. Kathy Goldschmidt from the Congressional Management Foundation was there to discuss the importance and benefits of constituent services and education. Following Commissioner Swindle and Ms. Goldschmidt an expert panel answered questions that many congressional offices are currently dealing with from constituents including:

The ICAC distributed information to help Congressional staff communicate with and educate constituents including sample: constituent letters, newsletter articles, press releases, town hall handouts, Website content and more. (see constituent tool kit)
This is the first event of the Constituent Education Workshop. Future events will address current issues such as spam, privacy and keeping your kids safe on the Internet.