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Computer Security:
What Your Constituents Need to Know

Online Congressional Constituent Outreach Toolkit

This Web site contains sample documents and materials to help congressional offices reach out to constituents about making their home computers more secure. The Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, and myriad computer experts are reminding Americans that properly securing home computers not only can prevent loss of sensitive computer files but also serve national security interests. The materials in these packets can be consulted by Congressional offices to help in the full range of constituent services.

The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee urges you to use the enclosed materials to reach out to your constituents through district press releases, general mailings, your Web site, town hall meetings and through constituent response letters on computer security-related inquiries. Since October is National Cyber Security Month your office efforts will be very timely. (Note: We have enclosed a sample press release that can assist your office's Cyber Security Month efforts.) On this site you will find:

OnGuard Online

OnGuard Online: The Federal Trade Commission in September 2005 debuted its new consumer education site, OnGuard Online, that features information for constituents on a wide range of topics. This site is being released as part of a much larger effort to educate consituents on cyber security issues. On the site, you'll find quizzes, glossaries, video tutorials, links to tools, and information about how to report online scams.

Constituent Outreach Materials

  1. Press Release: Generic release announcing your member's cyber security efforts during Cyber Security Month.
  2. Web Site Material: HTML code listing basic cyber security tips for home computer users.
  3. Constituent Letters: Sample constituent letters responding to questions about security issues such as viruses, worms, and hackers.
  4. Newsletter Materials: Includes both a short article on basic computer security tips for your existing office newsletter and a full-length newsletter on several issues including computer security, spam, privacy and children's online safety.
  5. Town Hall Meeting Materials: Brochures from the GetNetWise campaign and educational materials from the Federal Trade Commission can be used to supplement any district town hall meeting on computer safety and security.

Other Items