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Speakers Series: Stratton Sclavos
Chairman and CEO, VeriSign
May 15, 2003

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Stratton Sclavos, Chairman and CEO of VeriSign, kicked off the 2003 Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Speakers Series on Thursday, May 15 by addressing a gathering of Members of the Congressional Internet Caucus, congressional policymakers, press and Internet leaders. Mr. Sclavos' address, delivered in the splendid Mansfield Room of the U.S. Capitol Building, stressed the importance of public/private partnerships in the effort to protect cyberspace. Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Co-chair of the Internet Caucus, noted that Mr. Sclavos joins a prestigious group of past speakers including Internet founding fathers such as Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Marty Cooper as well as industry leaders like Bill Gates, Michael Eisner and Meg Whitman. In introducing Mr. Sclavos, Congressman Mike Honda, co-chair of the Internet Caucus Wireless Task Force, urged attendees to listen closely to his message because it's a message that is crucial to the future of the nation.

Mr. Sclavos began his remarks by detailing the seriousness of the coordinated attacks on the Internet last October. Attendees were surprised to learn that the sophistication and intensity of the attacks were far greater than had been reported in the press at the time. In describing the attacks as "special -- in the most ominous way," he said that they were a wake up call. Since then, attacks have become even more sophisticated and intense and the nation's cybersecurity preparedness must be up to the challenge of this growing threat.

In describing the importance of these issues, Mr. Sclavos predicted that by the end of the decade virtually every piece of commerce and communications technology will rely on Internet networks to function properly. The dot com bubble aside, the traffic on Internet networks has grown a staggering 10 times in the past two years. As more and more aspects of the economy migrate to these technologies, this growth will only continue. He urged lawmakers and government officials to work with industry in public/private partnerships to heighten the importance placed on protecting these critical systems.

The video of Mr. Sclavos' address can be viewed in its entirety on the Web site

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