State of the Net Conference
Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
February 8, 2006, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

8:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome & Conference Keynote [View Video]

Introduction by The Honorable Rick Boucher, Internet Caucus Co-Chair [bio]


The Honorable Joe Barton
U.S. House of Representatives
Chair, Committee on Energy and Commerce [bio]

9:20 am General Session: Trust, Privacy & Security
Living Our Lives Online: Are We (and the Net) Ready? [Download Audio MP3]
Consumers have taken to the Internet as a medium for our most personal and sensitive activities, as search engines, social networking sites, online banking, and medical information Web sites are becoming part of the daily lives of Americans. While the popularity of the Internet has risen enormously, is a lack of trust in it keeping Americans from really immersing themselves in the medium? Our panel will probe all aspects of the consumer trust equation - from privacy of personal information, security of our data, and freedom from unwarranted and unreasonable snooping by the government.
- Jerry Berman, Center for Democracy & Technology
- Peter Cullen, Microsoft
- Lord Erroll, Member, U.K. Parliament
- Chris Young, RSA Security
- Jon Leibowitz, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission
- Dan Caprio, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy and Chief Privacy Officer (moderator)
10:30 am General Session: Intellectual Property and Innovation
Innovation Disrupting Copy Rights: What is the Appropriate Role of Government? [View Video]
Since the days of the printing press disruptive technology has been both a boon and a bane for copyright holders. Never has this been truer than now. While Internet technology is enabling broader, more efficient, and less expensive distribution of creative works, the scourge of piracy continues to challenge policymakers to find solutions. Lawmakers and regulators continue to grapple with finding the right balance between market solutions, consumer expectations and government intervention. The panel will discuss whether government intervention is needed to close analog holes, raise audio/video flags, legally circumvent technological protection measures, ensure audio interoperability, prevent unauthorized file-sharing and more.
- Ian Taylor, Member, U.K. Parliament
- Fritz Attaway, Motion Picture Association of America
- Jeffrey Eisenach, The CapAnalysis Group
- Jason Krikorian, Sling Media
- Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge
- David Sohn, Center for Democracy & Technology (moderator)
11:30 am Breakout Sessions
On the Internet, Can/Should Everyone Be A Publisher? [Download Audio MP3]
We are still grappling with the profound implications of the adage; On the Internet everyone can be a publisher. Now that all publishing appears to be converging on the Internet, are we prepared for what will happen when everyone starts publishing their multimedia handiwork online? Inexpensive pro-sumer camcorders and powerful video hosting sites are enabling a groundswell of organically produced content. This panel will look at the changes in store as both traditional and independent content producers are changing the landscape of multimedia.
- Adam Thierer, Progress & Freedom Foundation
- Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
- Andrew Baron, Rocketboom
- Joe Keeley, House Judiciary Committee
- Clay Shirky, New York University
- Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project (Moderator)

Trolling for Patents: A Boon or Bar to Innovation? [Download Audio MP3]
- Chuck Fish, Time Warner, Inc.
- Matt Tanielian, Cisco Systems
- Michael B. Abramowicz, The George Washington Univ. Law School
- David Jones, Senate Judiciary Committee
- Wayne Paugh, Venable LLP (moderator)

12:30 pm Luncheon Discussion [View Video]

The Honorable Bob Goodlatte, Internet Caucus Co-Chair [bio]
with Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google [bio]

1:30 pm General Session: Convergence and the Telecom Act
Is 'Net Neutrality' on the Internet a BIT Relative? [View Video]
This panel will explore the broader implications of the proposition that Internet content and packets should be treated equally.
- Dr. Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America
- Link Hoewing, Verizon
- Bennett Ross, General Counsel, BellSouth
- Gerry Waldron, Representing the coalition of Internet companies who in a November 8, 2005 letter urged the House Commerce Committee to "adopt [the "Net Neutrality"] policy comprehensively for all broadband Internet providers."
- Danny Weitzner, W3C
- Jonathan Krim, Washingtonpost.Com/Newsweek Interactive (moderator)
2:30 pm Breakout Sessions
Privacy and Security: Legislation and Regulation [Download Audio MP3]
A series of high-profile data breaches, and the growing problem of identity theft have alarmed the public and energized lawmakers. Congress is actively considering legislation, dozens of states have introduced bills, and many have already passed new laws. There is talk of a comprehensive national privacy bill. Recent headlines detail how easy it is for government to access growing databases of online customer records. As public trust in the Internet is debated, what is a lawmaker to do?
- David Cavicke, House Commerce Committee
- Steve DelBianco, Association for Competitive Technology
- Ivy Johnson, Senate Judiciary Committee
- Ari Schwartz, Center for Democracy & Technology
- Paul Kurtz, Cyber Security Industry Alliance (moderator)

Internationalization: How Does the Internet Fit into the New World Order? [Download Audio MP3]
The Internet may have been born in the United States but it's now grown up and global. That makes Internet Governance complicated - different national laws and customs, scores of languages, tension regarding U.S. control of the core infrastructure, and, perhaps most controversial, fundamental differences about freedom on the Internet. Can the Internet become international without fragmenting? This panel will explore whether the Internet's core strength, collaboration, interoperability and common principles, can survive in a world where the Internet is critical to every nation's future.
- Grant Aldonas, Akin Gump, Former Undersecretary for International Trade, Commerce Department
- Brian Cute, VeriSign
- Andrew Graham, Oxford Internet Institute
- Ambassador David Gross, U.S. State Department
- Derek Wyatt, Member, U.K. Parliament
- Tom Galvin, 463, (Moderator)

3:30 pm Breakout Sessions
Broadband Reform: De-regulation, Re-regulation, or No Regulation? * [Download Audio MP3]
The Telecom Act of 1996 did not cope with the nascent Internet. In many ways, the resulting light regulatory touch has created a powerful and robust network of networks that is changing our lives. Nevertheless, Congress has not weighed in on whether the broadband Internet should be de-regulated, re-regulated or have no regulation at all. As new bills are introduced, lawmakers must tread carefully to balance the needs of consumers, service providers, innovative technologies, online content creators, and Universal Service.
- Brian Adkins, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
- Cheryl Leanza, National League of Cities (provisional)
- Mike O'Rielly, Office of Senator Sununu
- Johanna Mikes Shelton, House Commerce Committee
- Michael Sullivan, Office of Senator Ensign
- Amy Levine, Office of Congressman Goodlatte
- Howard Waltzman, House Commerce Committee
- Roger Cochetti, CompTIA (moderator)

Privacy & Security: Online Medical And Financial Records At The Crossroads* [Download Audio MP3]
Are citizens poised to start reaping the benefits of having their medical and financial records digitized and stored online? Perhaps the most profound test of whether consumers trust the new digital institutions with their most sensitive data is now playing out. This panel features experts in the field of financial and medical digitization and are working to assure that citizen trust is not misplaced. Panelists will explore why we are at a crossroads of consumer acceptance of these intuitions and what should be done.
- Pat Cain, Anti-Phishing Working Group (invited)
- Phil D'Angio, Dir. Sales - Life Sciences, VeriSign
- Oliver Ireland, Morrison & Foerster (moderator) [bio]
- Mark MacCarthy, VISA USA

5:00 pm Ninth Annual Internet Caucus Kickoff Technology Fair
(Free Admission)
Location: Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room DG50
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Danielle Yates at or 202-638-4370 for more information.