State of the Net Conference 01/18/11

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
3:30 pm The Clouding of Internet Policy: A Perfect Storm for U.S. Security & Privacy Policy?

- Roger Cochetti, (moderator), RJC Associates [bio]
- Jim Dempsey, Vice President of Public Policy, Center for Democracy & Technology [bio]
- Ed Felten, Chief Technologist, Federal Trade Commission [bio]
- Ambassador Phillip Verveer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State & U.S. Coordinator for International Communications & Information Policy, State Department [bio]

Cloud computing has figuratively given flight to our most sensitive data, communications tools, and our computational capacity. While the Internet has long been "borderless," cloud computing presents a much more significant challenge to global Internet policymaking and governance -- especially in the areas of privacy and security. This panel will start identifying the storm clouds brewing over privacy and security in the cloud and forecasting the legislative and regulatory changes the storm will produce. The panel will debate whether cloud computing will lead to a harmonization of Internet policy among nations or whether provoke conflicts over data sharing and computing.

* Subject to change. More panels and keynotes may be added.

Cat Matsuda at or 202-638-4370 for more information.

This is a widely attended event hosted by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee (ICAC), part of a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. The ICAC is a private sector organization comprised of public interest groups, trade associations, non-profits, and industry leaders. The diversity of ICAC membership ensures that all educational events and initiatives are fair and balanced forums for Internet-related discussion. The ICAC does not promote any particular policy position.