Ken Florance

Ken Florance

VP, Content Delivery
Netflix, Inc.

As Vice President of Content Delivery, Ken Florance is responsible for flawless delivery of more than a billion hours of TV shows and movies each month streaming from Netflix to more than 30 million Netflix members in 40 countries.

Ken’s responsibilities include Netflix Open Connect, a single-purpose content delivery network designed for Netflix streaming.

When he joined Netflix in 2003 the company had fewer than 1 million members. At the time, Ken was responsible for guiding a number of operations teams and establishing foundational operational processes. Ken has led the network architecture effort for Netflix streaming since its launch in 2007.

Prior to Netflix, Florance was director of technical services at NaviSite, Inc., where he helped to pioneer the automated management of large server deployments in a managed hosting environment.

Bio last updated June 10, 2014


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