Announcing Our 2014 Briefings, Save the Dates

With the help of our Advisory Committee we have put together an ambitious calendar of Congressional Internet Caucus AC briefings during this session of Congress. We have posted the tentative dates and titles for these upcoming briefings on our calendar page here. We’ve also pasted them below.

We started the 2014 briefing season on January 17 with a briefing on the DC Circuit’s decision on the FCC’s Open Internet Rules — 75 hours after the decision was released. Like many of our briefings in 2013 it was televised on C-SPAN. In February we restarted the Internet Caucus AC Speakers Series featuring renowned Internet researcher danah boyd.

The “Speakers Series” brings Internet leaders and luminaries to the Capitol Complex to share their expertise with Internet policy leaders in Congress. Past “Speakers” have included Internet founding fathers such as Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Marty Cooper as well as industry leaders like Bill Gates, Michael Eisner, Meg Whitman, and Kazuo Hirai. We are pleased that Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, will continue the tradition next week on March 27 (RSVP via EventBrite).

In addition to the scheduled briefings detailed below we will also react to unforseen developments in our space, presenting timely briefings to Congressional staff on an as-needed basis. Also, the planning group on Friday discussed hosting briefings on Anti-SLAPP legislation, Cyber-Security in the Telecom Supply Chain, and the Internet of Things. We hope to get to those topics as well, time permitting.

Thank you for your interest in the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee.

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Calendar of ICAC 2014 Congressional Briefings

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January 27,
D.C. Circuit Decision on FCC Open Internet Rules: Net Neutrality Win or Loss?,

Rayburn HOB Room 2226

February 27,
danah boyd: It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens,

Rayburn HOB

March 27,
Spencer Rascoff, CEO, Zillow, Speakers Series
Rayburn House Office Building Room 2237 12:30 pm

April 11,
The U.S. Government Relinquishes Last Vestige of Internet Control: That’s A Good Thing, Right?
Rayburn House Office Building12:00 pm

April 25,
Revising The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA): Should Congress Require a Warrant?
Rayburn House Office Building 12:00 PM

May 5,
State of the Net Wireless
The Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 200010 1:00 PM

May 9,
Collecting Internet Sales Taxes
Rayburn House Office Building 12:00 PM

May 16,
The FCC Is Auctioning Off the Public’s Spectrum: How Will It Affect The Internet?
Location TBD 12:00 pm

May 30,
NSA Surveillance Powers: How Effective Are They At Thwarting Terrorism?
Rayburn HOB 12:00 pm

June 13,
Copyright Law: Should You Be Able To Sell You Digital Downloads?
Rayburn HOB 12:00 PM

July 11,
NSA Surveillance: What’s The Global Impact On U.S. Commerce?
Rayburn HOB 12:00 PM

August 8,
K-12 Innovation and Student Privacy: Can They Co-Exist in the Era of Tablets, Big Data, and Cloud Storage?
Rayburn HOB 12:00 pm

August 22,
Rural Broadband: How Much Broadband Is Enough?
Rayburn HOB 12:00 pm

September 12,
Does the Internet Need a New Copyright Act?
Location TBD 12:00 pm

September 26,
Does the Internet Need a New Communications Act?
Location TBD 12:00 pm