Announcing State of the Net — January 28, 2014

State of the Net
Join us for the 10th Annual State of the Net Conference, the largest Internet policy conference in the nation, taking place on Tuesday, January 28, 2014. We have relocated the conference to a new location, The Newseum — just blocks from the Capitol. The 2014 State of the Net will focus on the enormous Internet policy challenges facing the next session of Congress, the Obama Administration, and the Internet community. SOTN frames the issues going forward throughout the year. With over 50 percent of attendees from the government sector SOTN is the most influential conference in Internet policy. Attendees can expect to see keynotes from leaders in the Senate, the House, the Administration, and prominent industry leaders. Previous speakers have included Travis Kalanick (CEO, UBER), Vint Cerf (Google), Brian L. Roberts (Chariman/CEO, Comcast), and more. Registration is now open to friends and collegues of the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee (Ticket quantity is limited). We encourage you to visit the State of the Net website for a glimpse of the 2014 conference agenda and to reserve your spot at the most important Internet policy gathering of the year.

2014 promises to be an exciting year for Internet policymaking. Topics may include:

  • The newly comprised Federal Communications Commission
  • The Open Internet Order court decision
  • Rewriting TV video rules for the Internet age
  • Revising or rewriting copyright law
  • NSA electronic surveillance
  • Collecting Internet sales taxes
  • Challenges to ISP intermediary liability
  • Commercial privacy legislation including Do Not Track / Intl Data Flows / Data Brokers
  • Securing the cyber infrastructure
  • Internet innovation and economics
  • Mobile / virtual payment systems
  • Global Internet governance, and many more …

Register Now! Early bird ticket specials for friends and colleagues of the ICAC.

To get a sense of the conference check out videos and the agenda (PDF) from 2013’s State of the Net.

State of the Net

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