Audio Podcasts of ECPA Reform and Internet Governance Available for Download

Over the last several weeks we have hosted two briefings on the Hill and the audio of both are available for download. Last Friday’s briefing explored “The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA): Should Congress Require a Warrant?” Two weeks prior our experts debated the Internet governance issue and whether the U.S. government had given up Internet control in a briefing titled “The U.S. Government Relinquishes Last Vestige of Internet Control: That’s A Good Thing, Right?

For your convenience we have included links to the audio of those events. These podcasts can be easily accessed from your desktop or mobile device. They are really worth a listen

Internet Control / Internet Governance, 4/11/2014
Listen to Embedded Audio | Download MP3 Directly

Revising ECPA Privacy/ Need A Warrant , 4/25/2014
Listen to Embedded Audio | Download MP3 Directly

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