Chairman Upton #CommActUpdate / Listen to NetCaucusAC Debates From The Past

In light of House Energy & Commerce Chairman Fred Upton’s announcement that Committee plans a multi-year review and revision of the Communications Act we wanted to share some content from our acrchives for background on the topic. Below are some links to Audio MP3 recordings of just a couple of #CommActUpdate debates from the past. The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee has hosted balanced debates this topic for years and we look forward to the forthcoming exchange of ideas. Remember, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who certainly has some ideas on this topic, will keynote the State of the Net Conference. Register now to save your spot and for an early bird discount.

Should Congress Rewrite the Telecom Act?

January 22, 2013, State of the Net 2013
Overview | Audio

This balanced discussion hosted at the 2013 State of the Net Conference speculated on what would prompt Congress to update or revise the Telecom Act. While many in the telecom space groaned at the thought of revising the Communications Act the idea struck us as important.

Did the Internet Kill the Telecom Act?

February 9, 2005, State of the Net 2005
Overview | Audio

Yes, this is from year 2005. Recorded before Twitter was founded. An oldie but a goodie. It features thoughtful perspectives from tech policy leaders who remain thought leaders today. It is adroitly moderated by Gerry Waldron who leads the panel quickly through a good historical discussion.

The ICAC is a private sector organization comprised of public interest groups, trade associations, non-profits, and corporations. The ICAC takes no positions on legislation or regulation. Rather, it’s a neutral platform where thought leaders debate important technology issues that shape legislative and administration policy in an open forum. We vigilantly adhere to our mission to curate balanced and dynamic debates among Internet stakeholders. Our volunteer board members ensure that we dutifully execute that mission. More information on the ICAC is available at


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