State of the Net Conference 2006

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Video/Audio of Conference Activities

Welcome & Conference Keynote Video

Introduction by The Honorable Rick Boucher, Internet Caucus Co-Chair featuring The Honorable Joe Barton, U.S. House of Representatives, Chair, Energy and Commerce Committee.

General Session on Security: Living Our Lives Online: Are We (and the Net) Ready?

General Session on IP: Innovation Disrupting Copy Rights: What is the Appropriate Role of Government?

Breakout Session "On the Internet, Can/Should Everyone Be A Publisher?"

Breakout Session "Trolling for Patents: A Boon or Bar to Innovation?"

Luncheon Discussion

A discussion between the Honorable Bob Goodlatte, Internet Caucus Co-Chair, and Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google.

General Session on Internet: Is 'Net Neutrality' on the Internet a BIT Relative?

Breakout Session "Privacy and Security: Legislation and Regulation"

Breakout Session on "Internationalization: How Does the Internet Fit into the New World Order?"

Breakout Session on "Broadband Reform: De-regulation, Re-regulation, or No Regulation?

Breakout Session on "Privacy & Security: Online Medical And Financial Records At The Crossroads

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