2013 State of the Net Conference

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Tuesday, January 22 2013
2:00 PM First Sale and No Resale: Could SCOTUS and the Internet Redefine Content Ownership?


- Tod Cohen, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel - eBay [Bio]
- Christian Genetski, Senior Vice President & General Counsel - Entertainment Software Association [Bio]
- Keith Kupferschmid, General Counsel & Senior Vice President - Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) [Bio]
- John Ossenmacher, Founder - ReDigi [Bio Forthcoming]
- David Sohn, General Counsel/Director of Copyright and Technology Project - Center for Democracy & Technology [Bio] - Moderator

Many years ago Congress codified our right to resell our books, our video game cartridges, our music CDs, basically our tangible stuff. It is called the First Sale Doctrine. However, the Supreme Court may soon decide whether medical student -- Supap Kirtsaeg -- violated copyright law by reselling medical textbooks over the Internet. Stephen Colbert alerted Comedy Central viewers to this possibility in a segment earlier this year. In addition, digitized Internet stuff -- like music, books, and games -- is really challenging to legally resell. This together with the Supreme Court case raises significant policy and ownership questions. Should Congress update the first-sale doctrine to reflect the new realities of the Internet age -- a digital First Sale Doctrine? What does ownership mean in the Internet age? This panel will address these questions and more.

* Subject to change. More panels and keynotes may be added. Contact Eric Hinkes for more information.

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