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More About The Academy’s Commercial Privacy Workshop Series

A rash of commercial privacy incidents in recent years, combined with Europe’s GDPR rules and California’s Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, have increased pressure for a federal privacy law for personal commercial data. Privacy advocacy groups along with some lawmakers have intensified their calls for federal privacy legislation in recent months. And several major Industry groups have called for legislation in this area as well. Policymakers on the Hill need to get quickly up to speed on the framework governing commercial privacy in the United States and what might enhance that framework from a legislative and regulatory perspective.

It has been close to 20 years since such a convergence of factors have elicited serious discussion of federal privacy legislation. Policymakers need to understand the history, the existing rules, the business models and the approaches other jurisdictions have take. The Academy will assemble an expert faculty of privacy experts from academia, the public interest community, government and from industry to host four expert workshops in the Capitol Complex in 2019.

Recent Privacy Briefings

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