Last month the California legislature hastily passed sweeping privacy regulations to stave off even more sweeping rules that would have emerged from the state\’s ballot initiative process. These regulations from the state of California, which is the world\’s 5th largest economy and home to the most dominant data companies on the planet, will apply to a huge swath of data on the Internet, and offline as well. These rules follow the massive European privacy law, the GDPR, which started its enforcement period just a month earlier.

With consumer privacy breaches and Congressional privacy hearings in the headlines daily, many are asking whether Congress will act on data privacy? Will more US states follow California\’s lead and pass consumer privacy laws as well?

Join us this Thursday July 26th in the Rayburn HOB for a popup briefing on the California Consumer Privacy Act, GDPR, and the potential for future Congressional action on this issue. We\’ve assembled an expert group of panelists to discuss their perspectives on consumer privacy legislation in the past and moving forward


David McCabe – Technology Reporter, Axios (bio)


Michelle De Mooy – Director, Privacy and Data Project, Center for Democracy and Technology (bio)

Ryan Hagemann – Senior Director for Policy, Niskanen Center (bio)

Ariel Fox Johnson – Senior Counsel for Policy and Privacy, Common Sense Media (bio)

Jordan Crenshaw – Assistant Policy Counsel, Chamber Technology Engagement Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (bio)