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Video of Future of Work and Anti-SLAPP briefing is now available

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Weren’t able to join our discussion on the Future of Work? Missed our Anti-SLAPP/Defamation panel? Didn’t catch the livestreams?

No need to worry; you can find videos of the events, as well as selected pictures, below. Just click on one of the images to view the respective panel:

Future of Work Panel - Video

Anti-SLAPP Panel - Video

Future of Work

What does the future of work, in the age of continued automation, look like?

Startups continue to follow the path set by companies such as Uber: short term ‘gigs’ that allow workers more freedom to chose their work hours but also bring with it more uncertainty. At the same time, manufacturing jobs continue to be supplemented and replaced by automation. Finally, AI looms large on the horizon as software promises to replace not only blue collar but also white collar labor.

Will American workers have to compete both with foreign labor and domestic, machine labor? Or is there another way that will lead to increased integration of human and machine?


Online commentary has become a powerful force for enacting change or exposing malfeasance. But the anonymity of the Internet has also given rise to contentious questions of how to defend against such criticism.

Controversial Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP), lawsuits intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics have appeared. As a result, multiple states have passed Anti-SLAPP legislation, aimed at protecting the rights of online critics.

But does Anti-SLAPP legislation present undue barriers to the right to petition for those  who sincerely believe they have been wronged?


  • Steve DelBianco ‚Äì Executive Director, NetChoice (Bio)
  • Lori Sanders – Associate VP of Federal Affairs, R Street Institute (Bio)
  • Kristin Sharp – Executive Director, SHIFT Commission on Work, Workers & Technology (Bio)


  • Steven Overly – Technology Reporter, POLITICO Pro (Bio)


  • Laurent Crenshaw – Director of Public Policy, Yelp (Bio)
  • Eric Goldman – Internet Law, Advertising Law & IP Professor, Santa Clara Law (Bio)
  • Paul Alan Levy – Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group (Bio)


  • Nancy Scola – Senior Technology Reporter, POLITICO Pro (Bio)

Future of Work







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