Antitrust & The Internet: A New Way Of Looking At Competition?

“Antitrust and competition policy is exciting stuff,” said no one ever (except, of course, the very few who follow this arcane field of economics and algorithms). Yet in recent months on Capitol Hill competition policy buzzwords have started to be overheard in conversations outside of the traditional antitrust policy bastions such as the Antitrust subcommittees. Is all this “excitement” around competition policy because folks are curious how the new Administration will approach mergers and market concentration? Or is it, as some have suggested, that because the Internet has profoundly changed how markets have traditionally operated, our antitrust policy must change as well?

We’ve assembled an expert group of panelists to discuss their perspectives on competition and antitrust.

When: Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
Where: Rayburn House Office Building Room 2237


– Alexei Alexis, Reporter, Bloomberg (Bio)

– Diana Moss, President of the American Antitrust Institute (Bio)

– Joshua Wright, University Professor and Executive Director of the
Global Antitrust Institute, Scalia Law School (Bio)

– John Bergmayer, Senior Counsel, Public Knowledge (Bio)

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