Net Neutrality in Transition – The Future of the Open Internet

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Ever since the November election the FCC’s Open Internet order has been under serious review. Some critics of the former Chairman Wheeler’s approach to Net Neutrality argue that Congress should rewrite the rules for traffic on the Internet. Supporters argue that the FCC’s Title II rules are the only way to assure that traffic is handled equally. And now that Chairman Ajit Pai is firmly in the driver’s seat, it has been reported that he favors a different approach. So where does the key to the future of net neutrality rules lie? With regulations, legislation, or even the marketplace? With multiple congressmen calling for legislative solution to create rules of the road for open Internet, will we have to look towards congress? We’ve assembled a diverse set of perspectives on this issue so that you can hear all sides of the story.


  • Sarah Morris, Open Technology Institute (Bio)
  • Matthew Murchison, Latham & Watkins (Bio)
  • Gigi B. Sohn, Open Society Foundations (Bio)
  • Berin Szoka, President, TechFreedom (Bio)