The FCC’s Grand Internet Plans: “The Open Internet” and Massive Mobile Spectrum Auctions: What Do You Need to Know?

Date: Friday, May 16, 2014

Within 24 hours of the FCC’s meeting on so called “Net Neutrality” and the broadcast Spectrum auctions we hosted a balanced panel of experts to explain the FCC’s plans and to provide some analysis on what Members of Congress need to know and what they expect will happen next.

Panel Members for the Open Internet/Net Neutrality Plan

Matthew Brill, Partner, Latham & Watkins
Markham Erickson, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson
Gus Hurwitz, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Nebraska College of Law
Sarah Morris, Senior Policy Counsel New America Foundation

Panel Members for the Spectrum Auctions

Allison Remsen, Executive Director, Mobile Future
Tim Donovan, Competitive Carriers Association