The U.S. Government Relinquishes Last Vestige of Internet Control: That’s A Good Thing, Right?

Event Date: Friday, April 11, 2014

On a Friday in March the Obama Administration announced that it would relinquish its last vestige of control over the technical functions of the Internet. The Department of Commerce’s NTIA said that it will not renew its contract with ICANN to run key domain-name functions. The NTIA had been methodically shedding its control over domain functions for years. Yet, this final action of absolvement comes at a particularly volatile time for Internet governance.

We assembled a a panel of experts who will discuss what this Brazilian Internet governance reboot means, what can be gained, and what might be lost .

Panel Members:

Fiona Alexander, Associate Administrator, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
Steve DelBianco, NetChoice
Tom Giovanetti, Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)
Jamie Hedlund, VP Reviews, ICANN
David Johnson, Member, High Level Committee, Global Multistakeholder Meeting On the Future of Internet Governance.
John Kneuer, Principal, President and Founder, JKC Consulting LLC, and Senior Partner, Fairfax Media Partners, Moderator