Who’s A Bigger Music Mogul, Jay-Z or Congress?

There are a lot of music moguls out there. Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Quincy Jones. But possibly the biggest mogul in the music industry is Congress itself. Congress and its oversight functions make it a significant player in music industry revenues. In the modern era Congress has spun the music turntables with legislation several times, most recently with the Music Modernization Act (MMA). The MMA also gave Congress additional music oversight functions. If you’ve ever wanted to know how Congress influences the music you stream, download, or play in your car, our panel of experts will provide an overview of this incredibly complex system. And, we’ll ask our panel of experts which music industry mogul is bigger – Jay-Z or Congress?

Faculty Speakers

– Danielle Aguirre, EVP & General Counsel, National Music Publishers Association

Kevin Erickson, Director, Future of Music Coalition

Curtis LeGeyt, Executive Vice President, Government Relations National Association of Broadcasters

Julia Massimino, VP of Global Public Policy, SoundExchange

Ali Sternburg, Senior Policy Counsel, Computer & Communications Industry Association


Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019