Safer Internet Day!

Today is Safer Internet Day, a day hosted by Connect Safely and celebrated around the world to advocate for building a safer internet for users of all ages. Awareness of internet activity, privacy, and use is important year round, but for one day we ask you to get involved, focus on good-deeds, and lead young people in our theme of “playing your part for a better Internet”.  Connecting people and practicing safer and responsible online action can help grow a better community. By expressing kindness and positivity, together we can increase our visibility and impact people around the world.

Our challenge for you is to do at least one Good Thing on the internet today.

  • Think of a Good Thing (big or small) that makes the Internet a better place or the world a better place using the Internet.
  • Share your one Good Thing online with the hashtag #SIDUS16 to increase good things around the world.

Join all of us in celebrating Safer Internet Day to create efforts, big and small, and make the Internet a better place and the world a better place using the Internet and connected media!