We’ve Changed Our Name But We’re Keeping the Program Great

After about 21 years we’re modifying our name to the Congressional Internet Caucus Academy. While our name has changed, we will continue our heralded educational program for Congressional tech staffers on Capitol Hill. Our new name better reflects the nature of the baseline, educational Internet policy curriculum that we have executed for decades.

New Logo

We look forward to host balanced briefings on timely Internet policy issues on a regular basis. The main difference will be the new name and the new logo. You will still recognize the consistent quality and relevance of the program.

We strive to make our program the gold standard for discussing key Internet policy issues. Not only do we bring the most knowledgeable experts to the table to illuminate the issues, we also ensure that our “faculty” speakers are as diverse as possible. In fact, last year 44% of our expert panelists were women.

We’ve Changed Our Name But We’re Keeping the Program Great
Attendees listen to panel discussion on net neutrality. Click here to view on Flickr.

We commit to executing the same unimpeachable program in 2018. A few weeks back we started with a Net Neutrality briefing and we will hold a discussion on Europe’s GDPR privacy law in a few weeks. Going forward we plan to host discussions on Blockchain, “Hipster” AntitrustCross Border Data WarrantsDigital Music LicensingCyber Security and more.  

We plan to video livestream 100% of our discussions this year, even though it is technically challenging and resource intensive for a small non-profit like ours. Last year we managed to livestream nearly 90% of them. We will also continue audio podcasting our events as we have done for over a decade. Below are links to past video livestreams on both Facebook and YouTube. You can also use the RSS link to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Play Music, or your favorite podcast app.

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