State of the Net Conference
Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
February 9, 2005, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Our VIP Opening Reception honored Members of Parliament from the All Party Internet Group, the UK counterpart to the Congressional Internet Caucus, as well as freshman members of the Congressional Internet Caucus. The Welcome Reception was held in the Hyatt Regency's newly remodeled Thornton Room (formerly Capitol View Lounge), sitting atop the hotel with a spectacular view of the Capitol Building.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

7:30 am Registration and
Continental Breakfast
8:00 am Welcome & Conference Keynote [view video]

> > The Honorable Ted Stevens
U.S. Senator
Chair, Senate Commerce Committee [bio]
> > The Honorable Conrad Burns
U.S. Senator
Co-Chair, Congressional Internet Caucus [bio]
> > Jerry Berman
Chair, Internet Caucus Advisory Committee [bio]

8:50 am The State of the Net, Panel Discussion [view video]

> > Daniel Weitzner, W3C/MIT [bio]
> > Peter Lewis, Senior Editor, Personal Technology, Fortune Magazine [bio]
> > Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project [bio]
> > Richard P. Adler, Civic Ventures [bio]

9:45 am International Panel [view video]

> > The Honorable Erika Mann, Member, EU Parliament [bio]
> > The Honourable Derek Wyatt, Member, U.K. Parliament [bio]
> > The Honourable Ian Stewart, Member, U.K. Parliament [bio]
> > The Honourable Ian Taylor, Member, U.K. Parliament [bio]
> > The Honorable David Gross, Ambassador, U.S. Department of State [bio]
> > Moderator: Nancy Victory, Wiley Rein & Fielding [bio]

10:30 am Coffee Intermission and Exhibits
11:00 am Breakout Sessions
Track A: Spyware, Spam, and Scams: How Are Consumers Coping?

A January 2005 Stanford report noted that last year, the average Internet user at home spent nearly half an hour a day dealing with computer problems and spam. If they were at work, that is three full work weeks of lost production per year. That is equal to seven 8-hour days lost over a yearlong span. Dealing with spam, spyware, and hackers may start sapping America's enthusiasm for the Internet. At the very least these pests and predators are making the long-awaited transition to broadband a precarious one. Can consumers weather these three plagues of the Internet?

> > Commissioner Jon Leibowitz, Federal Trade Commission [bio]
> > Jules Polonetsky, America Online [bio]
> > Ari Schwartz, Center for Democracy & Technology [bio]
> > Christine Varney, Chairwoman, TRUSTe, Former Federal Trade Commissioner [bio]
> > Moderator: Gloria Dittus, Dittus Communications [bio]

Track B: DRM: How Will Content Be Delivered on the Internet?

> > Grace Agnew, Digital Library Systems, Rutgers University Libraries [bio]
> > Alan Bell, Warner Bros. [bio]
> > John Canning, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corp. [bio]
> > Bill Rosenblatt, DRM Watch [bio]
> > Moderator: Jerry Berman, Center for Democracy & Technology [bio]

Track C: Congressional Staff / Govt. Panel on Convergence and the Telecom Act Download MP3 Audio

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> > Christopher Libertelli, Senior Legal Advisor to Chairman Powell, FCC [bio]
> > James Assey, Senate Commerce Committee, Minority
> > Mike O'Rielly, Senior Legislative Assistant, Senator John Sununu (R-NH)
> > Moderator: Jonathan Askin, General Counsel, Enterprises

12:00 pm Lunch, Keynote by Stratton Sclavos, Chairman and CEO, VeriSign, Inc. [bio] [view video]
1:20 pm Breakout Sessions
Track A: Cyber Security and Enabling the Next Round of Innovation on Net

Leading technologists from the private sector address the constantly changing online environment and what can be done to tackle today's current cyber security and privacy threats and tomorrow's emerging ones. They will also discuss how to enable the next round of innovation on the Internet and what benefits and challenges lie ahead.

> > Scott Charney, Vice President, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft [bio]
> > Rob Clyde, Chief Technology Officer, Symantec [bio]
> > Burt Kaliski, Chief Scientist, RSA Security [bio]
> > Tom Malloy, Chief Software Architect, Adobe Systems, Inc. [bio]
> > Moderator: Roger Cochetti, Computing Technology Industry Association [bio]

Track B: Congressional Staff Panel on Intellectual Property and Innovation

> > Alec French, Minority Counsel, House Judiciary Committee
> > Michael Sullivan, Legislative Assistant, Senator Ensign (R-NV)
> > Richard Phillips, Minority Counsel, Senate Judiciary Committee
> > David Jones, Senate Judiciary Committee, Majority
> > Tom Sydnor, Senate Judiciary Committee, Majority
> > Moderator: Paul Martino, Former Majority Counsel, Senate Commerce Committee [bio]

Track C: Did the Internet Kill the Telecom Act?

While the original rewrite of the Communications Act of 1934 was 62 years in the making, the Internet is forcing policymakers to consider another rewrite fewer than eight years after the Telecom Act's enactment. The Internet has begun to subsume traditional communications technologies. VoIP is the tip of the iceberg. Regulatory uncertainty and litigation resulting from definitional issues continue to stall investment and innovation. While the Supreme Court may provide some guidance in its Brand X case due out in July, a question remains in policy circles: Do we need to start looking at the Internet and Telecom in a whole new paradigm? Download MP3 Audio

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> > Dan Brenner, National Cable & Telecommunications Association [bio]
> > Lincoln Hoewing, Verizon Communications [bio]
> > Peter Pitsch, Intel [bio]
> > Richard Whitt, MCI [bio]
> > Moderator: Gerry Waldron, Covington & Burling [bio]

2:30 pm Breakout Sessions
Track A: Government Panel on Privacy, Trust, Security

> > David Cavicke, House Commerce Committee
> > Lisa Anderson, Senate Judiciary, Minority
> > Maureen Cooney, U.S. Department of Homeland Security [bio]
> > Moderator: Dan Caprio, Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce [bio]

Track B: Anticipating Grokster: A Betamax Standard for the Digital Age?

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited policy development of 2005 will be the Supreme Court's ruling in the Grokster case due in July. The case will likely be the most complex and significant Internet case the highest court has heard since ACLU vs. Reno. The decentralized nature of the Internet combined with the Betamax standard could collide with established intellectual property rights and emerging digital rights management technologies. The panel will discuss what's at stake in the case, where the Court will likely come out, and what Congress needs to do to prepare for either contingency. Download MP3 Audio

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> > Moderator: Alan Davidson, Center for Democracy and Technology [bio]
> > Viet Dinh, Georgetown University Law Center [bio]
> > Pam Samuelson, U.C. Berkeley School of Law [bio]

Respondents Panel
> > David Green, Motion Picture Association of America
> > James Burger, Dow Lohnes & Albertson PLLC [bio]
> > Jonathan Potter, DiMA [bio]

Track C: 100 mb by 2010: A Broadband Forecast or Fantasy?

Aspiration is the forerunner of achievement. In that spirit, some trade groups have boldly set a broadband goal of 100-megabit connectivity to every American household by 2010. Is this goal achievable? Are there policy approaches that make it a reality? Could some new technology hasten its arrival? Do Americans even need 100-megabit connectivity?

> > Michael D. Gallagher, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration [bio]

> > Tom Galvin, 463 Communications [bio]
> > C. Lincoln Hoewing, Verizon Communications [bio]
> > Gary Bachula, Internet2 [bio]
> > Michael Calabrese, New America Foundation [bio]

3:40 PM Refreshments and Exhibits
4:00 pm Closing Panel, TBD
5:00 pm Eighth Annual Internet Caucus Kickoff Technology Fair(Free Admission)
Location: Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room DG50

Danielle Yates at or 202-638-4370 for more information.

This event is hosted in conjunction with the Internet Caucus and its co-chairs--Senators Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Rick Boucher (D-VA).