Last month, the Federal Communications Commission stopped a telecommunications provider from blocking VoIP phone calls to and from its broadband customers. These customers were using a rival VoIP phone service over the telecommunications company’s broadband connection. The FCC’s adopted consent decree in this matter will expire in 30 months, or on the effective date of a federal statute or Commission rule addressing VoIP call-blocking whichever comes first.

The Internet Caucus Advisory Committee hosted a panel discussion to probe whether this type of competitive blocking is an isolated incident or a sign of things to come.

The panelists included:

Dan Brenner, National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Jeffrey Citron, CEO, Vonage

James Speta, Associate Professor, Northwestern University Law School

Timothy Wu, Associate Professor, Virginia Law School

Jessica Zufolo, Medley Global Advisors (moderator)

This event was hosted jointly by the Congressional Internet Caucus and its Co-Chairs, Senators Burns and Leahy and Congressmen Goodlatte and Boucher, and the Chair of the Wireless Task Force, Congressman Honda.