Rep. Michael McCaul Becomes Co-Chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Anna G. Eshoo announced Representative Michael McCaul as House co-chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus. Congressman McCaul succeeds Congressman Doug Collins as the Internet Caucus co-chair. Representative McCaul serves as the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Ranking Member and represents the 10th district of Texas. Representative McCaul also serves as the Chairman Emeritus on the House Committee on Homeland Security and the founder of the Congressional High Tech Caucus

Several extremely prescient Members of Congress founded the Congressional Internet Caucus in 1996 to address the knowledge gap among House and Senate Members regarding the nascent Internet. Almost a quarter of a century later, the mission of the Caucus — to educate other Members about Internet technology and its implications — remains even more critical today. 

The bipartisan Congressional Internet Caucus remains among the most prominent and active caucuses on Capitol Hill. The Caucus is chaired by Senators John Thune and Patrick Leahy on the Senate side. Representative Anna G. Eshoo and Senator Leahy are founding Members of the Caucus. 

In addition to its educational program for Members and Congressional staff, the Congressional Internet Caucus created the Congressional App Challenge. The Congressional App Challenge encourages middle and high school students to compete in district-wide coding competitions. It has become the most prestigious computer science award for students. The Congressional Internet Caucus Academy applauds the appointment of Congressman McCaul as the House Caucus co-chair. His activity in tech and cybersecurity legislation has been unmatched. In addition to his bipartisanship, he is among the most influential and respected Members of Congress.

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