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To Pay, Or Not To Pay – Living in the Age of Ransomware

And what you can do about it!

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Introducing The Snowden Effect Series

Government Surveillance reform, De-cloudification and Data Localization, and Trust and Transparency.

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Data Warrants Across the Pond

The UK and USDOJ Propose A New Framwork!

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Photo of Atlantic Ocean

The Future of Hacking Disclosures

What Are The New Rules of Engagement?

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DC Court Rules On Net Neutrality!

What Does The Decision Mean for the Internet?

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FCC Wheeler

Disrupting ISIS Online: The Challenges Of Combating Online Radicalization

How Can We Stop Social Media Radicalization?

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ISIS Recruitment Video

Encryption: Privacy, Security and Law Enforcement Needs

What’s The Balance?

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Consumer Privacy Across The Atlantic: Exploring The New EU-US Privacy Shield

Will the Privacy Shield succeed where Safe Harbor failed?

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Gagged by the Fine Print: Protecting Consumer Rights to Share Reviews Online

What is the right way to protect both consumers and businesses?

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Latest News

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Vocativ partners with IEF for The Snowden Effect Series

Kevin Collier to moderate Surveillance panel The Internet Education Foundation is proud to partner with Vocativ, a cutting edge media and technology company, for the Snowden Effect series of events. This media partnership will lead to significant exposure for both the series and the tech policy issues raised by it. In addition, Kevin Collier, Vocativ’s…

Snowden Effect Series Logo

Introducing The Snowden Effect Series

The Internet Education Foundation invites you to… In June 2013 former NSA contractor Edward Snowden set in motion a torrent of revelations of the NSA’s electronic surveillance capabilities and practices. Through 2013, news outlets and social media poured out wave after wave of articles detailing classified government programs with names like PRISM, MonsterMind, Bulk Collection,…