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The Future of Surveillance Laws, One Year After USA FREEDOM: Part of the Snowden Effect Series


To Pay, Or Not To Pay – Living in the Age of Ransomware

Ransomware is now a global epidemic. It strikes an estimated 40% of businesses in the US, UK, Canada and Germany. It now is hitting one out of every six consumers, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Today, ransomware has replaced credit card theft as the preferred scam of online criminals. And they are extorting billions globally.

And the epidemic is nearly silent because few want to admit they’ve been victimized and blackmailed into paying ransom.

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Snowden Effect: What Nationality is Your Data?

Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations lead to a repositioning of global partnerships, a deeper conversation about the roles of government and an honest and thorough look at the fundamental rights, liberties and principles we’ve held as “self-evident” and their apparent tensions. The “Snowden Effect” series shines a light, three years later, on three distinct but inter-related…

Data Warrants Across the Pond: Envisioning A More Sustainable Process

View Flickr Photos Documents: UK-USDOJ Proposed United States – United Kingdom Agreement on Secure and Privacy – Protective Exchange of Electronic Data for the Purposes of Countering Serious Crime, Including Terrorism Legislative Language White Paper Due to the global popularity of U.S. electronic communications services, foreign countries increasingly require access to electronic evidence held by…


DC Court Rules On Net Neutrality: What Does The Decision Mean for the Internet?

    Download Audio   Today the U.S. Court of Appeals issued its ruling on the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order (A.K.A. Net Neutrality). The decision is creating headlines across the country. We’ve assembled panel of F.C.C. experts to explain what the court’s decision means and what it will mean for the Internet going…

Disrupting ISIS Online: The Challenges Of Combating Online Radicalization

Download Audio   View Photos on Flickr. Date: Friday May 6, 2016 12pm-1:15pm Location: Rayburn House Office Building Room Room 2226 RSVP: Via Eventbrite here. Follow: @NetCaucusAC | #ISISOnline Social media has flourished in large part because platforms have been freed from liability for content posted by independent users. But as instigators of violence and terrorism…

Encryption: Balancing Privacy, Security and Law Enforcement Needs

Download Audio View Photos on Flickr. Location Rayburn House Office Building Room 2237 Follow: @NetCaucusAC | #CryptoBalance While a last minute hack averted some major courtroom drama between the F.B.I. and Apple the tension around strong encryption has only risen. There are still ongoing court cases where law enforcement wants access to encrypted devices. Recently…

New FCC Privacy Rules for Broadband Providers: What Will They Mean For Privacy?

This discussion covers the new privacy rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to cover broadband service providers. The FCC plans to vote on the proposed rules on Thursday, March 31. Friday’s briefing is your opportunity to hear from a panel of experts what the new rules might mean for consumers, for  businesses and…

Andrea Glorioso, Nancy Scola, Ted Dean

Consumer Privacy Across The Atlantic: Exploring The New EU-US Privacy Shield

Date: Thursday, March 24, 2016 Description: The predecessor to the Privacy Shield was the EU-US Safe Harbor, which was invalidated by a European Court back in October over surveillance concerns (watch prior event here). That court ruling triggered widespread concern over the effect on Internet businesses in the U.S. Our event features officials from the…